we are a contract manufacturer.

We are COLD BREW coffee and TEA fanatics.

we believe in the future of functional beverages.

we respect you and your brand.

we have a proven track record scaling regulated businesses.

we are fda compliant.

We produce drinks safe enough we Would serve them to our kids, but we are not savage enough to caffeinate children.



STate-of-the-art manufacturing

New Stock 1100 Retort capable of sterilizing +/- 15,000 cans per day in a single shift


Bespoke nitrogenation and carbonation methodology focused on quality and consistency


Modular designed equipment to enable maximum product flexibility and efficiency for your brand’s needs


compliance FOCUSED
for your PEACE OF MIND

Proven track record across numerous highly-regulated industries (e.g., food, government, investments and gaming)


Partnered with D.C.-based consulting firm of former regulators to assist with FDA registration and creation of comprehensive compliance program for all aspects of the non-alcoholic beverage industry


Soon to register with the FDA and building FDA-compliant processes and procedures from inception


multiple formats & ACCESSIBLE MOQs

Counter-pressure filled Cans


Disposable/Fully-Recyclable Kegs


Customizable Bag-in-the-box


our mission

Serve as manufacturing muscle to scale brands in the non-alcoholic specialty BEVERAGE market